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ทาบาตะกำลังวางแผนให้แต่งรถใน FFXV ได้ แต่ยังไม่เปิดเผยเรื่องเรือเหาะของตัวเอก

เก็บตกบทสัมภาษณ์คุณฮาจิเมะ ทาบาตะ จากงาน Paris Games Week อีกชิ้นหนึ่ง ซึ่งสัมภาษณ์มาตั้งแต่วันที่ 30 ตุลาคมที่ผ่านมา โดยทางเว็บไซต์ Finaland เนื่องจากอันนี้ผมไม่มีเวลาแปล เลยขอแปะแล้วทำตัวแดงไว้แทนครับ

Finaland : FF Type-0 HD's camera bothered me a lot. I had nausea after a few minutes. We know that the camera has been improved since the Tokyo Game Show demo, but I'm very worried regarding my health.

Hajime Tabata : I think the camera is sort of actually improved since Tokyo Game Show even if it’s just a little bit because we did put in the first round of adjustments and changes to that, but don’t worry. We’ll gonna carry on improving the camera and from December & January, we will gonna have more round of updating and changing the camera so in the end I’m sure it will be something very comfortable to play with so don’t worry about that.

Finaland : Is a demo of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD planned?

H.T. : We don’t have currently any plans for a demo of Type-0 HD, no, but if people call out for one, if we think there is a need for one we certainly consider doing one. But more, we are really concentrating on getting the development all done in time to make the March release deadline.

Finaland : Will its success lead us to a Type-1 ?

H.T. : Of course, it will ! We will consider doing Type-1. But wait ! Wait.. it will definitely be off that we get Final Fantasy XV out there. *laugh* 

Finaland : The patent discovered in 2012 was finally used in FFXV. We immediately thought of FFXII gambits. Could you explain the difference between the two and what are the improvements?

H.T. : Actually, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that this patent for the “Gambit system” was taking for Final Fantasy XV. That’s the first thing I’m gonna have to check when I’ll go back to Tokyo but I hadn’t actually heard about that, sorry. I can explain the rough ideas between the systems of the two games. For FFXII’s Gambit System and I think a lot of people is familiar with, that was basically a system when you set an IA logic pattern for your characters and then you watched that being played out. You can see how your logic had affected the decision of the other characters. For FFXV, we don’t call them Gambits, we won’t using that word so… It’s a similar idea but it’s not the same name at all. The main differences is that in FFXV it is much more an Action-RPG type of idea, with very much Action based so you have these logic patterns, the IA patterns that you set, but it is very much be how that interact with your input as the player and the control your characters and how that links with the other characters attacks so it’s much more of a direct control which we think is much more what we’re trying to aim for the control of FFXV. There is a lot of differences of how they are used.

Finaland : How did you respond to the dissatisfaction of fans (petitions, etc.) about this? Would it be improbable to see a Kingdom Hearts-like system in a Final Fantasy game?

H.T. : No, good that you’re talking about Kingdom Hearts but when we were still developing the game as Versus XIII we very much started with the idea of having a very direct control system when you move and play around so you take direct action. We took a lot of hints from KH system. We used it maybe as a base if you like, from when we were designing that. The same idea in the same course has been carrying over into FFXV so this is quite a similar system. The main difference between XV and KH is we’re trying to do much more realistic sort of… well the feeling of the game and it’s based on what the real action and the real people could  achieve so we may be thinking it’s not 100 % suitable to just copy Kingdom Hearts for that. Obviously, the game has very fast speedy type action sequences like Kingdom Hearts does, but it’s very much ground into reality, the feeling of weight and reality that you get from real people hitting each other. So of course it’s a system based on Kingdom Hearts the way it started but it’s been very much tweaked and changed to present a more realistic kind of style that we want to get across in FFXV. There are a lot of changes and differences in that too.

Finaland : Is the FFXV's car customizable ? Can we cast spells on it to go faster, for example ? Will she be important from the beginning to the end ? Is the aircraft still relevant ?

H.T. : We're planning to make the car customizable. About if the car is important is the story, the car is not such a major element of the story in that way. The way we see the car, it  is like the fifth character, the fifth companion. He’s gonna be through all through the game right to the end as a character but probably not a massive element as the story no. About the airship, they are quite related to the opposing faction in the game and the story so I don’t think I should probably be answering that at this time but they will be revealed later.

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